First we will discuss a security camera system or CCTV system.

When considering the cost of a CCTV system, there are many variables, however three are the most important.

How many cameras

The shape of your home will dictate how many cameras is appropriate, for example a square or rectangular home will require four cameras, on each corner, however this is rare as almost all homes are a more complex shape. The rule of thumb is each corner or angular section of the home needs a camera if you want full coverage, so many times a security system without blind spots will need six or even more cameras, however a lot of people are happy with only the front and rear covered so a four camera system is the most popular. This is mostly the case as it is the most cost effective.

What resolution

Now the resolution, which is mostly discussed in megapixels. There is no rule about the mp rating needed as it is more about the size of the space, for example a tiny room could use a 1mp or 2mp (1080p), but a large yard will need a 5mp or 6mp as the camera needs to cover a larger space. You see it is all about how many pixels cover an area, so if you have an intruder, you need as many pixels as possible to properly identify their face.

What type of home you have

Lastly there are many types of homes, the easiest being a single story, brick veneer with tiles roof, the hardest being multi story, cathedral ceilings without wall or roof cavities. If you have a single store, brick veneer with tiled roof and are after a low resolution security system, your security system will cost around $1,600 for a genuine good quality system with a long warranty.

A good quality basic security camera system with three year warranty will start around the $1,600 mark fully installed

If you have a complex house and want ultra-high definition then you could expect around double that.


When discussing alarms, there are also many variables.

Bosch Wired Alarm Systems

If you are looking for the top of the line, commercial grade fully installed alarm system, then Bosch may be for you. The Bosch systems come with all the options available and will meet the needs of the toughest requirements and environment. Bosch alarms can be monitored professionally or self-monitored. If you want to pay the ongoing monthly fee for several years, these can be quite affordable with the install costing less that $1,000, but be prepared to pay between $1-$2 per day for up to three years. If you want to self-monitor your alarm system, expect to pay about double the installation cost, however this will save you money in the long term.

Paradox Wireless Alarm Systems

Paradox is a commercial grade wireless alarm system that also has many of the features and capabilities of the Bosch system, but is available in wireless format which can often save cabling requirements. Paradox alarms can be monitored professionally or self-monitored. Paradox alarms are similar to Bosh, however they are a little cheaper for the install side, so you can save around 20% on the installation, but you will need to change the batteries each year or two on each sensor.

Chuango 4G Wireless Alarm Systems

If you are looking for a well priced, self monitored alarm system that is easily controlled by an app and has a 4G SIM card making it 100% independent of the NBN and other infrastructure, then the Chuango 4G wireless system may be for you. The system suits rental properties as there is no cabling, and is a lot more affordable the commercial options listed above. You can expect to get a basic Chuango alarm supplied and fitted for well under $500 and the performance is quite good.

Smanos WIFI Wireless Alarm Systems

What a fantastic alarm system the Smanos K1 is, with all the normal features of a good home alarm, it simply connects to your WIFI and is controlled by an app, or even by your Google home or Alexia voice control. The K1 even has basic home automation built in. For value for money, it is hard to beat. You can expect to get a basic Smanos alarm supplied and fitted for around or just above $500 and the performance is quite good.

A good quality basic alarm fully installed would start at less than $500