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A Very Different Franchise Model

Have you ever considered owning your own business, but are put off by the financially crippling and unfair franchise offers in the market, what if there was a franchise that was truly fair and flexible where you made your own choices and you made the financial rewards for your hard work?

A franchise like no other where you are not bound by an unfair contract and milked at every turn, a franchise where the contracts were designed by franchisees for franchisees, a franchise you can leave at any time without penalty, a franchise where you are not chained to a desk, where you get to choose where and when you work and makes you feel good about what you do, while leaving you plenty of time for your family or other interests.


Maybe a TechSafe mobile franchise is for you...

Our system offers a unique advantage where you can enter a highly lucrative market for one of the lowest entry rates in Australia’s franchise sector and be governed by the most collaborative flexible agreement whist having access to an amazing support system with advanced software making your job easier at every turn.

At TechSafe, here are some areas that set us apart.

  • Very low entry fees with in house low interest finance (pay as you go), taking the pressure off your cash flow. Even our most lucrative premium territories are around the price of an average medium sized car and we have our pay as you go offer keeping your cash flow where it belongs.
  • Low royalties with easy to reach scaling, once you reach our low monthly target, royalties automatically drop by 50% so you get the financial rewards for your hard work.
  • Royalty reductions based on industry engagement, the harder you work and train, the less you pay. This is achieved by our rewards system, do extra training, work a little harder one month and get up to another 20% reduction in royalties so your profits go into your pocket.
  • You can run another business or run TechSafe part time as our systems are so easy to use and follow, you will have ample time. At TechSafe our business model allows so much free time you can can run another business or have another career path without interfering with our business.
  • Fantastic margins with TechSafe, as you have virtually no expenses associated with a bricks and mortar business. TechSafe mobile franchises run at probably the lowest costs of any franchise system and the margins are great, so even if you have a bad month, you will still probably make money.
  • Very relaxed collaborative franchise agreement, our collaborative agreement mirrors our win/win culture. Our franchise agreement was written in collaboration with franchisees and it is without doubt the most flexible agreement in the market place. You don't have to worry about penalties, restrictions and excessive rules, TechSafe is a reward based system without the need for rules and policing.
  • Easy entry and exit strategies without penalties, want to move on, try something new, no problems, just give notice.
  • Easy territory swapping without penalties if you relocate, want to move to a different area, no problem, we just swap your territory with no penalties, no problem.
  • Automated quoting systems, we have Australia's most sophisticated quoting software that takes just minutes to quote a building of virtually any type.
  • Free and simple accounting software, putting more time and profits back to you.

TechSafe Security Systems is not like any franchise model you have seen before, and is backed by a franchisor that has decades experience in the electronic security industry and franchising.

Jump in early, secure your preferred territory and take advantage of our pay as you go model so you can get your own TechSafe mobile franchise in your preferred location without using all your savings, once you register you will have access to the investment required and lots more info.

To start your journey, register and once registered you will see more options in the menu where you can access more detailed private information about the TechSafe model.


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