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Home Security Consultation Service

What about us designing it, and you buy it elsewhere and install it yourself?

Want a great security system designed by us but you buy and install it DIY saving you bucks?

There are many aspects of setting up a security system that you may not be aware of, like the formula to make it evidence grade, the directions and elevations of cameras and how seasons can effect them, or even the stuff that is more obvious like ensuring you have the right setup to get a face shot. There are also lots of differences with the technology and ensuring you get what you need without paying extra.

TechSafe can come to your home and tell you about every detail you need to know and provide you with all the recommendations and things to watch out for, so you will save heaps and still end up with a quality security system you can depend on.

We will tell you about options you don't know exist and steer you in the right direction with no obligation at all to use us.


Why use our consultation Service?

  • We give you the ultimate blend of expertise and DIY savings for electronic security systems
  • We will go through a 50 point security checklist and leave the results with you that cover other areas of your premises
  • We provide you will recommended products you can source yourself or specs so you can use any brand
  • We give you clear easy to follow details about what to install, where and why
  • We will refund the consultation fee if you go with us later
  • We can even offer you discount brochures for some suppliers


Why use us, well why not use experts with decades of experience to design your security system, after all, your safety may depend on it?