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Home Alarm System Installations

Why Get a Home Alarm System?

In this day and age with crime everywhere you look it is important to feel safe when you are home and to know your property is secure when you are out, which is why we recommend this solution to all our clients.

At TechSafe Security Systems we know that neither a CCTV system nor an alarm system is enough to protect you, your assets and your loved ones, however when you combine an alarm system with security cameras you have a powerful security system that alerts you, alerts your neighbours, and then allows you to log into your camera system and see what is happening in real time.

We recommend you should get at minimum a basic alarm installed at the same time as your cameras to ensure your home is protected and you and your family feel safe.

You would be surprised how affordable a basic alarm is when installing at the same time as your security cameras.

At TechSafe Security Systems we offer four styles of alarm systems, including top of the line quality Bosch wired alarm systems,  Paradox wireless alarm systems, Chuango 4G wireless alarm systems and Smanos WIFI wireless alarm systems, plus just about any other brand you can think of.


Bosch Wired Alarm Systems

If you are looking for the top of the line, commercial grade fully installed alarm system, then Bosch may be for you. The Bosch systems come with all the options available and will meet the needs of the toughest requirements and environment. Bosch alarms can be monitored professionally or self monitored.


Paradox Wireless Alarm Systems

Paradox is a commercial grade wireless alarm system that also has many of the features and capabilities of the Bosch system, but is available in wireless format which can often save cabling requirements. Paradox alarms can be monitored professionally or self monitored.


Chuango 4G Wireless Alarm Systems

If you are looking for a well priced, self monitored alarm system that is easily controlled by an app and has a 4G SIM card making it 100% independent of the NBN and other infrastructure, then the Chuango 4G wireless system may be for you. The system suits rental properties as there is no cabling, and is a lot more affordable the commercial options listed above.


Smanos WIFI Wireless Alarm Systems

What a fantastic alarm system the Smanos K1 is, with all the normal features of a good home alarm, it simply connects to your WIFI and is controlled by an app, or even by your Google home or Alexia voice control. The K1 even has basic home automation built in. For value for money, it is hard to beat.